Our mahi is guided by:

Our Kaupapa

'Whakapumautia te mana o nga tangata i roto i te kotahitanga' providing 'sustenance, nurturing and empowerment' so that we may ensure the future wealth of our whanau, hapu and Iwi.


Links ancestors and Atua which also form links back to traditional values and beliefs and history all of which needs to be reflected within Tupoho-Iwi and Community Social Services Trust.


The positive determination based upon Whakapapa links and commonalities which enable Tupoho-Iwi and Community Social Services Trust to work with Te Atihaunua A Paparangi, our neighbouring Iwi and other peoples.


The life essence that flows through all things that have Whakapapa linking them back to Ranginui and Papatuanuku, the protection of which is partly the responsibility of Tupoho-Iwi and Community Social Services Trust in terms of the physical social wellbeing and wellness.


The respect, power and authority derived from Te Atihaunui A Paparangi for Tupoho-Iwi and Community Social Services Trust to provide social services for tangata whenua and other peoples.


An understanding of the tapu of people needs to be reflected in the services provided by Tupoho-Iwi and Community Social Services Trust.


Recognising the diversity that exists between tangata whenua and other peoples.

Tangata Tiakitanga

The responsibility to care and effectively manage resources. Tupoho-Iwi and Community Social Services Trust believes responsibility for tamariki must remain with whanau, hapu and Iwi.

Our Code of Ethics:

* We are to ensure that the mana and dignity of whanau, referred to our service, remains intact.
* We will strive to meet the basic physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of all persons referred to our service.
* We recognise the worth of each individual and will encourage their potential to be developed to the fullest by using resources available to us as a Maori Social Service Provider.
* We will ensure that our work is always of the highest standard in terms of quality, reliability, trust, compassion and professionalism; always bearing in mind the kaupapa of Tupoho-Iwi and Community Social Services Trust.
* We will identify possible sources of support and help for clients by ascertaining whanau, hapu and iwi links through whakapapa.
* We will encourage whanau support, access and participation wherever possible, as long as it is appropriate and safe for the tamariki referred for care and protection.
* We will ensure that Kaimanaaki (Caregivers) provide quality and safe care in a family-like community.
* We are accountable to each other, our clients, Tupoho-Iwi and Community Social Services Trust and the Iwi, for all decisions that we undertake to abide by.
* We will explore all legitimate and appropriate channels of assistance within the wider community.
* We respect the rights and ability of each individual to choose their own way of life, make their own decisions and to work out solutions to their own problems.
* Whatever agreements we enter into will be fully documented and all relevant parties involved will be given copies of such documents as soon as possible after agreements are made and checked to ascertain whether or not they understand and/or agree to these records.
* We recognise the principle of confidentiality as being fundamental to the rights of individuals and whanau.
* We are to respect the wishes of the whanau, hapu and Iwi that we work with; treating all information disclosed to us with the utmost confidentiality.
* We will provide a quality client-centred service by ensuring that the defined procedures and policies are adhered to and the clients are afforded the opportunity to evaluate our effectiveness.